Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation?

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation is a private charity based in West Palm Beach Florida and was founded by the late Cornelia T. Bailey to carry on her philanthropic interests in the arts, education and the environment, among other initiatives. Mrs. Bailey was a resident of both Connecticut and Florida and enjoyed supporting many initiatives in those regions. View a map of our past grants and organizations we have supported. here.

+ When was the Foundation founded?

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation was founded in 2007 by Mrs. Bailey to provide support to organizations she was passionate about. Read more about Mrs. Bailey and her legacy on our About page.

+ Who is eligible for funding?

Eligible applicants are 501(c)(3) organizations whose programs and initiatives help to further our Foundation's mission and whose services benefit individuals and organizations identified within our priority funding areas.

+ Who is not eligible for funding?

Our Foundation does not make grants to individuals, political organizations, lobbying groups, fraternal, foreign, and/or civic organizations or other private trusts/foundations.

+ How do we begin the grant process?

After reviewing our FAQ visit our Apply page and take our eligibility quiz. If it is determined that your organization is a good fit for our Foundation then you will be asked to submit a Letter of Inquiry. Please allow our staff at least 4 weeks to review your LOI. We will contact the e-mail submitted with the inquiry to notify you of our decision and any applicable next steps.

+ What kind of publicity does the Foundation seek for its grants?

The Foundation does not typically seek recognition for its philanthropic activities; however, we recognize the value a grantee organization may find in leveraging its private funding to demonstrate support for its programs and attract additional resources. The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation reserves the right to approve all public uses of its name. Please contact us before doing so.

+ Does the Foundation award multi-year grants?

The Foundation will entertain requests for multi-year grants and those grants are decided on a case-by-case basis. Grant applicants may apply for additional grants each year if a multi-year request is not granted and each request will be considered independently.

+ What is the average amount of a typical grant from the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation?

The average amount of a grant from our Foundation is approximately $45,000.

+ How do you handle site-visits?

If, through the Letter of Inquiry process, we invite your organization to submit a full grant application and you feel as though a site visit will help us in making a decision on the grant application, we are happy to schedule a visit to your location to meet with your staff and to learn more about your operations and the proposed project first-hand. Contact our office for more information.

+ We received a grant in the past, now what?

Unless otherwise stated you will have 1 year from the date of the award letter to submit a grant evaluation. Please visit our Report page for more information and for a link to the grant evaluation form.