Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation

“Our mission is to promote the arts, education and initiatives that seek to better our world utilizing nature and the sciences.”


Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to utilize its assets to assist any organization which seeks to promote the arts or create programs that not only inspire and engage, but also teach.

Our dream is that someday the arts will no longer be considered a school elective or an interest for the few, but as a necessity for living a full life and for the health of our hearts and minds. 

Through our partnerships in the community, we are utilizing the arts to harness its extraordinary power to inspire, raise educational outcomes for students, and enrich the overall quality of life in marginalized communities.

We believe that there is a great synergy in combining the talents of musicians, museum educators, nonprofit arts advocates, actors, teachers and writers. We believe that the arts, in all forms, have significant intrinsic societal value and can take on multiple roles in youth education for healthy brain and social development. 



“With so many budget

cuts in the United States to the arts and performing arts curricula, it is necessary and essential that charitable and donor organizations step up and fill this gap."

— Hayley Little, Executive Director


In keeping with our mission, the Foundation values and will support organizations that are protecting and utilizing nature to enrich peoples’ lives through conservation and beautification. We believe that a healthy environment means a healthier population overall.

Studies have shown that children benefit both mentally and physically from outdoor activity and clean air. We seek to continue to work with organizations which understand the value of our human connection with, and reliance on, a thriving and accessible green infrastructure.

We, as a charitable organization, are further interested in supporting health science and medical research. We understand that supporting cutting-edge technology and research are paramount in gaining important ground on treating and hopefully curing all forms of cancers and diseases. We are specifically interested in supporting research in the treatment and cure of pancreatic and other forms of high-mortality illnesses that have lagged in funding and medical advancement.