Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation

Our Mission:


Education. Art. Science. Environment.

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation is a Florida-based private foundation focused on making grants to promote the arts, education and initiatives that seek to better our world utilizing nature and the sciences.

The Foundation was established in March, 2008. We make both program and operating grants in the Southeast and Northeast United States.


Our Impact

Since its formation in 2008, the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation has granted over $35 million to non-profit organizations that have demonstrated their commitment and responsibility to our mission and to the people they serve.


Years Serving communities

We are a proud community partner in almost 30 cities in the Eastern United States and work with an average of 60 grantee organizations that align with our mission



Million Dollars Contributed

Throughout Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the District of Columbia



Thousand children Impacted

Through our music, arts, literacy and outreach programs, we are able to reach kids in communities that otherwise have been marginalized or altogether forgotten


Children are the artist and the art.

-Bryant H. McGill


Our Vision

To help ensure that communities, children and future generations have access to the arts and a quality education and to support organizations seeking to enhance the arts, improve the environment and promote quality healthcare and medical research.

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P/Arts Program 

The Cornelia T. Bailey Philanthropic Arts Program or “P/Arts Program” seeks to utilize and leverage philanthropy to promote the teaching powers of the arts. We’re looking for partners to not only strengthen and rebuild our public school system’s visual and performing arts programs but also grow them by proving that the arts are a useful tool to empower and engage students.

The Foundation is also interested in promoting programs and ideas where the arts are being used in early childhood education and in the engagement of alternative learners.

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Our Programs

  • P/Arts Program

  • Medical Research Grants

  • Environmental Ingenuity Grants

  • Arts and Art Education Initiatives

P/Arts Program

P/Arts stands for Philanthropic Arts Program: Our own initiative working towards bringing together the charitable, arts and education communities to collaborate and inspire.

Environmental Ingenuity

Working with organizations that are seeking to reverse or lessen the human impact on the environment and increase water quality in both fresh and salt water.

Medical Research

Focusing on funding initiatives involving high-mortality, under-funded diseases, specifically pancreatic cancer.

Art and Art Education

We support both the visual and performing arts in Florida and the Northeastern United States. We are interested in start-up programs that serve an educational or therapeutic purpose.


July 2017 - "Cornelia was an extraordinary lady [and] the entire Palm Beach Opera family is deeply saddened by the loss of one of our cherished supporters and champions. Our company, and our community, have been immeasurably enriched through her long dedication to, and support of, the arts. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her." Daniel Biaggi

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