Bailey Foundation steps up to provide holistic program and general support to boost YWCA of PBC's operations

When the board and staff of the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation sat down with Suzanne Turner, CEO of YWCA of Palm Beach County, they weren’t prepared to comprehend the level of need in the organization and throughout the community.

Through a comprehensive and extensive process our Foundation was able to step in and help YWCA to prioritize their greatest needs and to highlight where we are able to make the greatest impact.

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation recently announced a 5-year, $3.4 Million dollar award to provide:

  • Financial management infrastructure support to enable the staff to better manage grants and reporting which will also help in their capability to raise more funds.

  • Resources to meet financial matching requirement of current funders for their domestic violence programs.

  • More robust security at the West Palm Beach Child Development Center including an interior security wall and window, metal doors and inside locks.

  • Annual funds for the initial cost of a Program Director position.

  • Much needed upgrades to Harmony House.

  • Expansion of the Racial Justice Program.

  • Numerous technology upgrades throughout the organization.

  • Enhanced behavior health counseling and nursing services.

Although our grant goes a long way of helping to provide a boost for operations and infrastructure there is still so much need in the community; please click here and donate to YWCA today. Your donation helps to support problems that the association is trying to address including greater unity in the community among races; preparation of young economically disadvantaged children entering public schools being more competitive with the general population; bringing parent(s) and their children out of poverty; sheltering battered women and their abused children from further abuse and working with them to return to a safe environment; and providing opportunities to young women ages 8-18 that they would not otherwise experience resulting in their not becoming a part of the criminal justice system and being motivated to complete high school and moving on to higher education.

Hayley Little