PBS and James Patterson's "Kid Stew" a Winning Combination

After recently winning 5 Regional Emmy Awards at the 42nd Annual National Academy Awards ceremony it’s safe to say James Patterson knows what kids want: a show for kids, by kids.

This fast-paced series featuring several wildly talented pre-teens is a fun mix of skits, celebrities and culture hoping to peak kids’ interest in art, music and reading. These funny and engaging kids are equal parts goofy, smart and entertaining.

This show was the brainchild of America’s number-one selling author, James Patterson. With more than 16 million books sold in North America during 2007 alone, he is the first author to have #1 new titles simultaneously on The New York Times adult and children's lists.

Patterson’s inspiration for creating Kid Stew was that he wanted to create a show that encourages kids to read more and explore the arts by creating an eclectic mix of entertainment and education that would inspire children and kids of all ages to learn more about the world of creative arts.

We are excited to be apart of the Kid Stew Family and to support PBS’s educational and arts related programming. To learn more about PBS and Kid Stew CLICK HERE.

Hayley Little