Bailey's Commitment to Central Park Conservancy Continues

It only takes a few seconds after stepping into the 6.1 mile perimeter of Central Park to realize its majesty and importance to the over 42 million visitors per year.

Over the Park’s 160 year history it has experienced several cycles of revitalization and decline. The last decline occurred in the 60’s and 70’s which forced the hand of a uniquely qualified and tenacious group of individuals who refused to let the park descend into squarer and stepped in to ensure its future use to the surrounding city.

The 843 acre park is a model for other urban parks but by being the most patronized park in the United States it requires constant maintenance and management. Conservancy crews aerate and seed lawns; rake leaves; prune and fertilize trees; plant shrubs and flowers; maintain ballfields and playgrounds; remove graffiti; conserve monuments, bridges, and buildings; and care for water bodies and woodlands, by controlling erosion, maintaining the drainage system, and protecting over 150 acres of lakes and streams from pollution, siltation, and algae.

The Conservancy couldn’t do it alone and thanks to many individuals, corporations, foundations and the City of New York the Central Park Conservancy has invested more than $1 billion in the Park. The Conservancy is responsible for raising the Park’s nearly $80 million annual operating budget, and are responsible for all aspects of Park maintenance, as well as capital improvements and restorations.

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Hayley Little