Support for 1000 Friends of Florida continues amid growing stress on Everglades and Coastline

The Everglades is a truly unique and distinctive American ecosystem. While billions of dollars have been expended on the engineering aspects of Everglades restoration, scant attention has been paid to the tremendous development pressures facing the fringes of the Everglades.

Since its inception, 1000 Friends has worked to promote sound planning in the region, with particular emphasis on Palm Beach and Martin counties.

1000 Friends of Florida also has participated in numerous successful legal challenges to protect the Everglades from impacts from Miami-Dade to Martin counties.

Since Florida is bound on three sides by water, Florida has approximately 8,400 miles of tidal coastline, and most of this state’s burgeoning population resides in its coastal counties.

These areas are most vulnerable to the impacts of storms, and Florida has specific legislation guiding development in coastal high hazard areas.

1000 Friends has been involved in a number of coastal issues over the years. For several years, 1000 Friends coordinated the recognized Waterfronts Florida Program on behalf of the Florida Department of Community Affairs, helping small communities across the state revitalize their waterfront areas in an environmentally sensitive manner.

1000 Friends of Florida has provided staff support to such bodies as the Florida Governor’s Ocean Committee, and have prepared publications to help citizens better understand the forces of nature as they develop in coastal areas.

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Hayley Little